Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Staying Sane

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately. We have been potty training Brayden and Madison has been cutting teeth for what seems like FOREVER. 

The potty training has been going pretty well except for one particular area. Poop. He mostly refuses to go poop on the toilet. He will wait all day until we give him a pull-up for bed. Then he poops in his pull-up, yells from his bed that he pooped and needs a new pull-up, I change his pull-up and he goes back to bed. So frustrating. He has also gone poop in his undies at least 6 times. 

I feel like we have tried everything as far as incentives go but it just isn't working. I have stopped pushing for him to go poop on the toilet and hopefully he will go in his own time. He did go today so I am hopeful that we are on the right track! 

Sorry for talking about poop.

Moving on. 

Madison has had her bottom two teeth for a while and her top two teeth have been struggling to come through for at least a month! Poor girl has had a rough go. Her top right tooth finally broke through today but we probably have another week or so before the left tooth does the same. This means more long nights and not a lot of sleep. I will be very happy when we get a break from teething. Whenever that may be! 

So how do I stay sane during all of this?!? Wine. 

Okay not really but on some nights, a glass of wine really helps. I usually just make sure the kids go down by 8 at the latest and then I make sure I take time for myself. I do something that I enjoy such as catching up on my recorded shows, browsing through Pinterest, reading blogs or watching a movie. I try not to worry about the dishes not being done or the toys out on the floor. I give myself at least an hour to just relax. Then I will do a quick sweep of the house to pick up the toys (so I don't kill myself when I wake up to feed Madison at night) and head to bed. I can't worry too much about the laundry I still need to put away or the kitchen table being covered with unopened mail. It will all still be there to or row when I wake up and have my necessary cup of coffee to get me going. It can wait. And besides...these crazy kids are all worth it! 

Note the bathtub: that's also something that can wait. I am not about to scrub all that crayon off every time he takes a bath. That would be a full-time job! It will still be there tomorrow when I MIGHT clean it up. Not likely. 

What do you do to stay sane during all the craziness of raising minis?

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