Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Baby Food: Veggies Edition

Making baby food started for me when I had Brayden. I wanted to know exactly what was going in my son's body and it was so much cheaper! Win, win.

It's super easy and can be adapted for all sorts of combinations! 

I start with just veggies since babies have a natural sweet tooth. I don't want to start with something super sweet and then have her refuse the veggies because they aren't sweet.

My first few batches were peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots. For the peas, I buy the frozen package and then follow the cooking directions on the back. Once soft, I put the peas in my blender (a Blendtec) along with some of the cooking water from the pot. I blend until super smooth and I can adjust the consistency as it blends. Start with just a little of the cooking water because you can always add more. I make her first feedings pretty thin since the texture can be a huge adjustment for babies.

As you can see, she's a fan.

For the sweet potatoes and carrots, I put them in pots and boil them until soft. I peeled the sweet potatoes and use the baby carrots so I didn't have to peel them. Once soft, again you put them in the blender with some of the cooking water and blend until smooth.

Once it's all blended and the consistency you want, put spoonfuls into the food freezing system you plan to use. I use a combination of ice cube trays and baby food containers both of which I purchased on Amazon. The ice cubes are awesome because each cube is 1 ounce so you can pull out as many as you need for each feeding. Just place them in a microwave-safe bowl and heat until warm.

Sweet potatoes everywhere...but mostly in her mouth! Success.

Next up I will be making fruit purees now that Madison is eating the veggies and transitioned well from a meal of pears to a meal of carrots. For fruits you want to be sure to wash them thoroughly and then peel any skin that would have a wax covering (such as apples). Then you can follow the same steps as the veggies. It helps to boil the crunchy fruits, like apples, to make them a little softer so that when you blend them, you don't end up with chunks.

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