Monday, May 5, 2014

Madison: 8 Months

My sweet baby girl is getting so big and is now 8 months (as of yesterday). She is doing so many things that just seem so odd considering she is still such a tiny little human! She is totally cruising on furniture and will let go while standing and can stand on her own for a bit. She will be walking in no time! The weird thing is, she is still in 6 months clothing and weighs only 15 pounds (according to her last doc appointment at 7 months). She is eating food on a regular basis finally. It took so long for her to understand the whole eating food thing. It was so frustrating because I tried everything and she just wouldn't open her mouth. Once she got it though, she has done great ever since. She eats 2-3 containers of food every day (3.5 ounce containers). And yes, we use store-bought food now. For some reason, she just didn't like the food I made for her. I think it may have not been smooth enough for her. She really hates any type of texture and the store-bought food is incredibly smooth. Oh well. It's not the end of the world for me. It would have been nice to save the money and make her food like I did with Brayden but it is pretty convenient that I can just bring a package with us wherever we go and not worry about having to warm it up or keep it cold. Most importantly, she eats it.

She still only has her two bottom teeth but her top two are about to bust through. They have been bothering her a bit, even with the amber necklace, but she doesn't need any pain medicine during the day. I give her some at night right before bed to help her sleep. She still wakes up about 2 times per night but nurses and goes right back to sleep (usually). I am still waiting for her to finally sleep through the night!!

She experienced quite a few firsts in the last month! First time on a swing, first time in a pool, first wedding, first real apple, and first 5k. It was a super busy month so I am hoping things slow down a bit but for now, we are enjoying the craziness!

-the pool (we start swim lessons today!)
-her brother
-her brother's toys (especially his Jessie doll)
-being held
-chewing on ANYTHING
-getting things she shouldn't have (cords, paper, small toys, etc.)
-the Ergo
-eating my food (aka sucking on my apple)

-getting her diaper or clothes changed
-being left alone (unless she is surrounded by her brother's toys)
-getting into the car seat (she's much better in the car but she still doesn't enjoy it)
-deep voices (men's voices tend to scare her)
-being in the jumper

Amid her brother's tent of toys

First time on the was a hit!

She really enjoys looking at the baby in the phone (her!)

Both kids joined us on our first family 5k. 

We got fancy for Auntie Samantha's wedding!

She loved eating my apple!

This is how I cook now.

One of her favorite places to play.

She's so close to standing up on her own.

She really loves drinking water from a cup...and the noises she makes are hilarious!

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