Sunday, October 20, 2013


The title of this post should really indicate the LACK of sleeping that has been going on.

Since transitioning Brayden into his toddler bed, he has been pretty good. Until now.

The last 3 days, Brayden has basically refused to nap. He gets into bed and immediately starts whining and crying that he doesn't want to take a nap. I explain to him that he has to nap, like he does EVERY day, and that we would go do something fun when he woke up. Well, that usually works on those days where he is struggling a little bit but that is definitely not working any more!

I leave the room and shut the door and Brayden starts with the full-blown crying tantrum. He gets out of his bed and goes to his door. He cries at the door and calls out for me and then knocks on his door (it's still closed). I have tried everything...putting him back in his bed, reading him a story, scratching his back, just sitting in his glider while he fake sleeps, etc. Nothing would make him actually go to sleep.

This was our attempt at napping on the couch...clearly unsuccessful!

Finally yesterday after 30 minutes of crying, he decided to just play with the toys in his room. I wouldn't let him leave his room in hopes that he would eventually get tired and get into bed to sleep. After another hour or so of playing with his toys, he opened the door and was talking to me from his doorway. I was eating my lunch and he asked me if I was done with my food...I told him no and then I didn't hear from him for a while. I got out of the chair to check on him and this is what I saw...

He fell asleep in the hallway...on the hardwood floor...with no blanket. He is crazy! I knew he was tired and this just showed me that he does still need a nap. He slept like that for over an hour!

Today I decided to put him down later than usual (12:30) thinking that maybe he just isn't ready for a nap at that time anymore. Today I put him in bed around 1:45 after reading two books to calm down, and he was asleep by 2. He did still call out for me and he threw all his pacis and blanket out of his bed. I went in just once to give him his things back and then that was it. He actually fell asleep on his a bed. Woo hoo!! 

I am hoping that with the new schedule of going down later, he will continue taking good naps. 

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