Friday, October 4, 2013

Madison at 1 Month!

Madison is already 1 month old!! At the same time it feels like this month has just flow AND taken forever! There have been many ups and downs already but I can't imagine our family without her.

Here are some things to know about this little girl of mine:

-She doesn't take a pacifier...literally spits it right out and gags. Crazy girl!

-She has just started taking real naps. Generally she would only nap if she was on my chest but I have put her in her crib on her belly (GASP!!) and she has slept great during her naps the last two days. I check on her constantly and she is able to turn her head so I don't worry too much about it. I still put her on her back at night so don't freak out!

-She doesn't like to be put ever! She cries unless she is being held. I have gotten about 5 minutes at the most of her being awake and playing on her mat or being in her bouncer. She really likes to be held!

-She smiles after she is done eating. It's basically the cutest thing I have ever seen!

-She sleeps pretty good at night and goes about 3 hours between feedings.

-At night, she will only eat on one side and then she is too sleepy to eat on the other side. I have tried everything...cold wipe, tickling her legs and face and chest, changing her diaper after the first side. Nothing...she just wants to go back to sleep.

-She pretty much hates the car. Cries for our first 10 minutes of the ride and then gives up and goes to sleep. The last couple of days she has been better so maybe she is getting used to it!

-The doc heard clicking in her hip at her first doctor appointment after birth so we had to go back for another check-up. He still heard the clicking so we had to take her for a sonogram on her hip. The results just came back today and her hips look normal! YAY!! We were worried for a little but we are very happy about the good news!

This little girl is definitely different than her brother as a newborn! I really can't wait until she starts showing her personality. It has been a rough first month but I think we are adjusting and hopefully things get a little easier soon.

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