Friday, January 18, 2013

A Trip to the Zoo!!

Since Brayden is obsessed with animals, I have really been wanting to take him to the zoo. The Santa Ana Zoo isn't very far from us and the prices are super reasonable! This morning we got up and got ready and then headed out. I wanted to be back by Brayden's nap so his schedule didn't get too messed up. Once we got there and entered the zoo, Brayden got pretty excited! There were a ton of monkeys and Brayden kept pointing at them and saying "eewww"! Haha I may have started this when we saw a monkey with no hair but needless to say, it was hysterical!

After seeing the monkeys, birds, a camel, some emus and llamas, we headed over to the train. Brayden has never been on a train so I was really excited for him to go on it. The train just took you all around the park so we got to see the animals one more time before leaving. Once we got off the train, we were all pretty hungry so we stopped to eat. Brayden ate like a champion (like always) and then we headed out. Brayden was asleep before we got back on the freeway! The kid really pooped himself out!

I think the zoo is something I would love to do with Brayden more often! It's small enough that we can do it before nap time in the morning but just big enough to keep Brayden interested! It was perfect. Now here are some photos!

Laughing at the monkeys!

So excited for the train!

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