Saturday, January 12, 2013

18 Months Update!

How did this happen?! How did my sweet, dependent baby boy become such a little kid that knows what he wants and can usually do it for himself? It scares me sometimes how much he already knows. I fear he will be THAT kid in kindergarten that the teacher doesn't like because he already knows the content. Oh well!

So here we go...
-Tempo* (or.i-i-i-tacos as Brayden calls it)
-green beans
-the park
-marching in the hallway
-Special Agent Oso
-his blankies
-pushing buttons
-the slide(he goes down all by himself!)
-his ball pit
-his turtle light
-playing "basketball"

-napping on most days
-being told no
-something being taken away from him
-new people (he just stares at them)

**Vinko and Tempo are from Baby Genius DVDs that Brayden started watching when he was a NB...he is still obsessed with them!

Honestly, Brayden is so much fun! He knows about 18 letters and can identify them at any time...and will usually point them out when you're not paying attention and then you have to search for the letter. He full on jumps now, as in he gets both feet off the ground! That is his way of dancing so usually some clapping goes along with it. He is speaking so clearly these days so there is rarely a time when we don't know what he is saying. This makes it really nice when he wants something. Oh and he can clearly say "please" and he knows when to use it. We are still working on "thank you" but he said it once the other day so it's coming along. I am so happy to be a boy mom of a crazy little toddler that is so busy all day and just wants to play. He is so easy to keep happy (just take him outside) and he is so active that he just conks out at night and sleeps a good 12 hours every night. We are so beyond blessed to have such a happy son and I couldn't ask for anything more! Here are some photos to round out this long, wordy post!

He also likes his belly!

Even big boys like to hold Mommy's hand sometimes!

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