Saturday, October 8, 2011

Date Night!!

I could not ask for anything more! My amazing husband is so cute and asked me to go on a date last night! (Of course I said yes...and I am pretty sure my text responding to his question included about 8 exclamation marks) We headed to the Bella Terra for dinner and a movie while Brayden stayed with Grandma (THANK YOU!!) It was a much needed night of time with my love to remind me of how great he is! By the way, the movie Real Steel is AMAZING!!! We totally loved it! We got back from out date night by 11:30....a super late night for us...and then took Brayden home! It was such a great night and I am such a happy...and sleepy...wife/mother this morning! Thank you babe for a great date :)

As for updates on our little man, he is almost 3 whole months! On Tuesday, October 11, he will officially be 3 months old and let me tell you....he is changing so fast! He has started to notice his feet so we will be putting some bright colored socks on those babies to help catch his eye. He totally recognizes different voices now...he opens his eyes super wide when he hears a male voice. He has also become quite the chatter box!! Every morning he just coos and yells for about an hour is pretty comical! His legs are always moving and not just moving at a leisurely pace either...he pumps those legs like he is running a sprint in the olympics!! (The leg-pumping and shouting are usually combined into the same morning event) As always, I can't get enough of him and he just makes me laugh so much now! I can't wait for his personality to show even more because I have a feeling we are going to be laughing a lot!

So here is my video/photo barf on you!
Playing games with Daddy!

Starting to discover his feet!

Big smiles!

Taking a nap with his friends

Yummy fist

Cutest dog butt I have ever seen!

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