Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Madison's 2 Year Stats

She's officially two and this is HARD!!! I didn't think I would struggle as much emotionally since Brayden is four. I don't know what I was thinking! I definitely shed a few tears.

Anyways, she is two and totally showing signs of the "terrible twos." She is very independent and wants to do everything on her own. Oh, and she will let you know when she wants to do it herself quite vocally. This little girl is not shy about using her voice! And when I don't let her do what she wants? Meltdown! Just look below.

Because she had to eat green beans and chicken along with her macaroni and cheese.

Because I closed the door to the basement so she wouldn't fall down.

Because I wouldn't let her draw on the dining room table with a pen.

Because she had to share a toy with Brayden.

 Madison is still a picky eater but she is doing so much better! Last night she even ate all her broccoli without me having to assist her or play a game when she takes a bite. That doesn't happen all that often but when it does, I can hardly contain my joy! She gives me a run for my money when it comes to my sanity so the days that are easy, I bask in it like a dog on the porch. Those days are glorious!

I mentioned "little" in this post and I mean that literally! This girl is only 23 pounds!! Most of the pants and shorts she wears are still size 12 months (to fit her tiny waist) but she is wearing 18 months shirts and dresses. Some are even 24 months but she is still so tiny! The doctor says she is healthy though and her weight-height ratio is just fine.

Let's move on to her likes and dislikes!

-her blankies
-squeezies (STILL!!)
-bath time
-water (hose, water table)
-her brother
-telling me "no"
-running (just like her brother!)
-going to the park
-walking her brother into, and out of, school

-getting out of the bath
-being told "no"
-leaving Mommy (or Mommy leaving her)
-most veggies
-getting a "boo boo" (EPIC meltdowns!!)

We are still working on her colors but she does know a few of them!

So silly!! She puts on the Mr. Potato Head glasses every opportunity she gets!

So there you have it. My tiny little human is now two. I will now go cry again.

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