Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Post-Vacation Transitions

While our vacations to California are amazing, they can also be exhausting. I fly alone with the two kids, which is exhausting itself, and then we spend nearly two weeks all off schedule. The kids weren't going to bed until after 9 the whole trip. It wasn't a big deal until we came home.

Last night was rough. We landed at 6:30 and it was going to be perfect timing. I thought we would just get dinner, eat at home and then the kids would be so exhausted and ready for bed.

Not so much.

I put them down at 8:30, which is already an hour past their regular bedtime, and neither of them were having it. I sat on the chair in Brayden's room and then I could hear Madison crying. I went to her room and held her for a few minutes but of course Brayden got out of bed and came to her room looking for me. Then she was back to being wide awake. Sent Brayden back to his room and tried to calm Maddie down for a couple more minutes. I put her back in bed and went back to Brayden's room. After sitting there for at least 30 minutes, Brayden still wasn't asleep. I went to the living room to watch tv because I just couldn't sit there any longer without getting mad. I think it took until 10:00 for them both to be sleeping. 

I know transitions are always rough but dang, after spending a whole day flying with two kids, I really just wanted to be alone. 

Thankfully I know things will get back to normal soon so I just keep reminding myself of that (as I sit in Brayden's room for his nap because he wasn't going to sleep, again). 

On a very positive and happy note, it was so great to finally see my hubs!! He's so happy to have us home and the kids were beyond excited to see him this morning.

AND...the kids did amazing on the flights both two and from California. I will be documenting our trip on a blog post tomorrow (hopefully)!

Sneak peek...

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