Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Day

Although Brayden was attending preschool while we lived in California, he hasn't been going since we moved to Alabama. Until today.

{I blurred out the location so that is why there is a huge blank space}

We've been talking about this day for months now and he's been so excited. He was still excited this morning until it was time for us to leave him. He had a sad face but I think he will do really well.

It probably would have helped if we had attended parent information night or "meet the teacher" which is just {part} of my HUGE mom fail.

The rest of my mom fail? Since we didn't attend parent information night (we were in California), I didn't know that Brayden needed a lunch. They get out at 1:00 so I just thought they would get snacks and I would feed him lunch at home. WRONG. The school called me today about two hours after dropping him off to tell me that he didn't have a lunch and they were eating in 15 minutes. Thankfully we live close and I was able to make a quick lunch for him and take it up there. But, dang, I sure felt like a horrible mother. Now I know...he needs a lunch.

I've been so excited for him to start school but now I am just watching the clock waiting for it to be time to go pick him up. I know that feeling will fade and I will be able to accomplish so much while he is gone with just Madison to keep an eye on. I am hoping he is having a great time and will really enjoy going to his new school.

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