Monday, September 30, 2013


Brayden has been so great with the transition of bringing home a new baby! I am seriously so impressed with him. It amazes me how great he has been with Madison. He is so concerned when she is crying, offers her pacis, shows her his toys, and laughs hysterically when she sneezes. It is adorable!

Of course we have had a few rough days where Brayden is very whiney and doesn't want anything but Mommy but I just make sure to give him some special attention, make it outside to the park to play and then everything seems okay. This has been a much easier transition than I was anticipating!!

We are now making another transition...into a TODDLER BED!!

Yep, Brayden finally figured out how to climb out of his crib. This of course happened on the one morning I wasn't at home to witness it! Hubby was dead asleep in our room when he hears "Daddy, have you seen Mommy?" Hubs looks up and there is Brayden, standing in the doorway! Hubs asked him how he got out of his bed and he proudly stated that he climbed out and then again asked "Daddy, have you seen Mommy?" as if climbing out of his crib was totally normal!

So today we are headed out to purchase a toddler bed rail (since his crib didn't come with one) and we will hopefully be making another smooth transition.

He went into our bedroom, put on Daddy's sandals and walked into the living room to show us! He was so proud of himself!

He was talking to Madison on the monitor telling her is was okay because she was crying!! He is so dang sweet with her!

Morning cartoons on Mommy and Daddy's bed!

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